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Frohike's gameplay for Battlefield Bad Company 2 (X360)

Frohike played Battlefield Bad Company 2

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Frohike said...
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I and Bofus practically duo'd a Rush mode against a team of 5. We soldiered through the first 2 bases, which took about what... 30-40 minutes? We eventually destroyed the structure for the second base kill and a few people joined our team while we were taking the 4th base. From that point forward, our numbers took over and we won the game. Unbelievable, and totally fun.
Battlefield Bad Company 2

Battlefield Bad Company 2 (X360)

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That was freaking hilarious. If they'd sent one to our base and left three to defend (once the 5th dropped), they probably would've kept all of their stations and taken our spawns down at a decent rate. Great game!
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