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Frohike's gameplay for Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (DS)

Frohike played Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

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Frohike said...
  • bored
I think I may be one of the few people who, although finding the characters enjoyable, won't play the sequels out of sheer boredom with the gameplay mechanic. I know most people who like the characters and art just eat the series up, but for some reason I'm just kind of annoyed at how rote and repetitive the mechanic is. Maybe I'll get used to it...
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They rode that mechanic for three more games, not even updating the graphics or anything. Fact is each new entry in the series likes to show how everything that happens is for a reason, nothing is coincidence, and although it gets a little bland by the end of the second one the story just keeps getting more and more thrilling and you start to feel really smart for figuring out some of the crazy cases.

You could miss the next two Pheonix Wrights, although they are really really good, but do pick up Apollo Justice. It's the same, but with more to it, more fleshed out characters, more drama in the court room, better sensitivity, 3-D investigating, and the ability to pin point peoples 'tells' when they're lying, which adds a few more weapons to you arsenal.

By the third Pheonix Wright, you come to the understanding that he's kind of a super hero... He can delve deeply into the minds of those around him making his investigations really unique. Apollo is just a boy with a natural keen eye and a subconscious ability to tell when people are lying.

I love the series, all of it, I'm looking forward to the game they're making of Edgeworth, it'll be nice to be on the other side of the podium.
Bsides, you're not really playing these games for the mechanic, you're playing them because you love a mystery. You love to hop in your mystery machine, grab your talking dog, eat some dog food, and travel down to the old cotton mill looking for that green monster.
Yeah, I think just I haven't become hooked on the story yet, but I can see myself overlooking the mechanic a bit, making it more transparent and the focus becoming the story and my ability to unravel it. I'm glad Capcom took that initial risk and localized this series.
Yeah, very good move on their part. They're also porting the first three to Wii-Ware.
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